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To make art is to go beyond the protective cloak forged by the emotions, is to erase its effect and confront the abyss. To enjoy the art is to be able to discern, even if only for a moment, that deep calling towards the abyss and come out transformed. If the artist is like a gardener who sees his flowers blooming and the artwork is like a flower that does nothing else but to manifest itself, to enjoy that manifestation without resisting it is an act of humility that makes us grow. The creative act is to search for the seed, exploring the abyss, peek into the chasm, and share that journey. That is why it can be said that the artist confronts the mystery and, when he does it, lives his trance. And Loona Contemporary tries to propose this mystery through the works of the selected artists. Claudio Fiorentini




 June 13th at 6,30 PM, Poetry Laboratory “El poeta es el lector”, by Claudio Fiorentini. Identify the parasites, adjectives and pronouns are intruders, musical sense of poems, a new equilibrium, evocation and disobedience. Las but not least: poetry is useless but what would we be without it? A very interactive 3 hours session in which we will learn the sense of "pruning". Bring your poems and your enthusiasm. Participation fee 45 euros. Aperitif included. Info and bookings 669616220

LC artists 2023 and 2024 cover.jpg


From june 10th to june 22nd the new entries in Loona Contemporary Catalogue will display some of their artworks. Title of the exhibition is 3-13-17-24. Painters: Nadia Chellaoui (Morocco), Jorge Migues (Uruguay), and Nora Prialis (Argentina). Sculptures of Kay Woo (Korea). Special guest, the conceptual artist Domenico Balsamo (Italy).

Opening june 11th at 7 pm. The artists will participate to the event.


primera tertulia.jpg
primera tertulia.jpg


June 4th at 7 pm, Sebastián Vita with his tales and music, Claudio Fiorentini with his stories and poems and Eliseo Vicentti with his words and thoughts, will start the Tertulia de la Loona. Tertulia comes from Tertuliano, famous for his dissertations. The first of our Tertulias talks about travel and migrations. Free entrance.

tom 2.jpg

Tom Vanhauwaert

From April 15th to April 27th we are going to host the work of the Belgian artist Tom VanHauwaert, who is going to be our guest for the initial days of the exhibition and will personally join the opening event, on April 16th at 7pm. His art work can be defined as Minimalist, using wood as the main material, and his personal artistic style is based on how the colors, lights and shadows interact with each other and how everything is defined by apparently simple lines and perspectives.


LC artists 2023 and 2024 cover.jpg
LC artists 2023 and 2024 cover.jpg


A special event to attend in order to have the chance to meet the Loona Contemporary artists, two of them will present their works during April, showing and promoting out new art catalogue.

Copia di invito 22 aprile.jpg


On April 22nd at 7pm we are going to discuss about a roman tradition which starts from the Church State: the talking statues (Arguti). The event will be hosted by Elisabetta Bagli and Nadia Buonomo, with the partecipation of Claudio Fiorentini, Nataly Jorge, Félix Martín Franco and Victoria Suever. Guest of honor Anonimo Monteverdino. Reading session by Giorgio Casadeus.

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From April 1st to April 13th with a special opening event on April 2nd at 7pm. Miguel Ángel Craviotto is a Spanish artist whose ability on translating reality into oniric scenes is to be recognised. His paint brush technique defines the most little details, giving depth to his work. The majority of his work is inspired by music and he is to be considered as one of the forerunners of Grunge Art.

W rome.png
locandina W roma.jpeg


The "W" project lands in Rome, with the presence of many artists, such as Barbara Berardicurti (Italy), Kay Woo (Korea), Marie Luise Bestandig (Germany), Edda Clasen (Mexico), Mercè Iglesias (Spain), Marina Surovikova (Russia), Irina S (Romania), Constanza Mulder (The Netherlands), Maria Cassar (Malta) y Nora Prialis (Argentina). Women at peace, for peace.

From March 21st to April 4th, opening event on March 21st at 7pm.

Location: AGORÀ Arte, Clivo Rutario 53, Roma

useless art.jpg


The exhibition includes works of Concept Art, paintings, drawings, art installations. The partecipating artists will be: Miguel Ángel Craviotto, Eliseo Vicentti, Ake Törnqvist y Claudio Fiorentini. The exhibition will be presented as a four moments symphony (with some breaks in between):

1)Complaint (adagio furioso)

2)Dynamism (scherzo y fuga)

3)Colour dance (allegro con brio)

4) Shower of poetry (allegretto)

From March 4th to March 27th, vernissage at 7pm.

Click the link down below to download the catalogue.

invito scarti non foste_edited.jpg


On March 12nd at 8pm, Mariza Bafile and Miriam Iacomini are presenting the anthology "Scarti non foste" written by Claudio Fiorentini. Painter and director of the series of books "Via Silla 66", Stefano Zampieri, will be joining via remote call from Italy. The presentation will be held in Italian and will be introduced by a meeting at 7.30pm with Pino Acquafredda, President of Associazione Alberoandronico.

The event will be followed by a toast.


In the midst of "W"

Collective exhibition with the presence of artists such as: Barbara Berardicurti (Italy), Kay Woo (Korea), Marie Luise Bestandig (Germany), Edda Clasen (Mexico), Mercé Iglesias (Spain), Marina Surovikova (Russia), Irina S (Romania), Constanza Mulder (The Netherlands) e Nika Red (Ukraine). We come in peace, for peace.

From January 15th to January 27th, vernissage on January 16th at 7.30pm.

poetry hub 20 oct.jpg


During the "Contraster Urbanos" exhibition, the historic Gabriel Rodriguez Marco will discuss the theme of the city during ancient times. Gabriel has graduated in History Studies, he is a Professor of Italian and Literature and works in collaboration with specific magazines such as Historia and Revista de arqueología.

¡Os esperamos!

poetry hub 20 oct.jpg


Javier Sanz's work has gone through many phases and is constantly evolving. For this exhibition, entitled CONTRASTES URBANOS, we have selected some of the artist's most recent works, where the figure appears deformed, as if it were filtered by a wet surface which, in some way, represents the layer that separates the real world from dream world, in which straight lines disappear, giving space to a dynamic vision of reality. It is from this creative phase that the artist signs himself SAsenjo.


The exhibition will be open to visitors from November 20th to December 2nd 2023.


​We will open on November 23rd and, from 6.30 pm, the artist will be with us to meet his audience and to talk to anyone who wants to know more about his work.

poetry hub 20 oct.jpg
La modelo II.jpg


From November 6th to November 18th, individual exhibition of the Spanish sculptor Antonio Madueño, an artist which capacity of transforming materials into art, proposes visions of the world which, starting from the figurative, develop in improvisations, as happens in Jazz. ​


Click the links down below to download the catalog in PDF of video format.

poetry hub 20 oct.jpg

Gregg Simpson

From October 19th to October 30th we will host the solo exhibition of Gregg Simpson, a Canadian artist recognized for his colorful abstractions inspired by the surrealist tradition. Since the 1960s his work has been known internationally. He was born in Ottawa in 1947 and moved with his family to Vancouver at the age of six months. He grew up surrounded by art thanks to his parents: his father, a well-known architect and his mother, a professional singer. In addition to being a painter, Gregg is also a drummer, active in the jazz scene since the 1960s. In his exhibition, Flamenco Series, he represents, with his art, the delicate gesture of flamenco dance.


Click the links down below to download the exhibition catalogue and to watch a documentary about the artist.

poetry hub 20 oct.jpg
poetry hub 20 oct.jpg


We resume our presentations of the permanent poetry festival POETRY HUB, with Javier Vicedo, Virginia Murru, Matteo Lefèvre and Eloy Santos. We look forward to see you in the Captaloona Art exhibition space in Madrid, Andrés Mellado 55, on October 20th at 7pm.



For Loona Contemporary the time has come to take a break. We will return in November with Antonio Madueño and Javier Sans, and in September with new Poetry Hub events. If you want to know the artists who participated in our project you can download catalogue by clicking the link down below. If you want to get to know our poets, visit the Poetry Hub page of this site.

cartel de expo brenda e r.jpg

"Efigie del dolor”

From June 22nd to July 7th we are hosting a solo exhibition of Leonardo Eymil, an artist who explores pain and rebellion against its effects through hyper-realist art and conceptual art. Inauguration on the 22nd at 8pm. We are waiting for you in Andrés Mellado 55, Madrid. ​



Poetry Hub_junio_poster   .jpg

“Chatter between poets”

The next meeting of our permanent poetry festival will see Lucianna Argentino, Gianluca Regondi, Eduardo Calvo and Juan Marqués as guests. Join us on June 23rd at 6.30pm at Captaloona Art, Madrid exhibition space, Calle de Andrés Mellado 55.


“God Save Venice”

From June 6th to June 17th the artist DANILO PRETO will exhibit "God Save Venice", a work of conceptual art that summarizes the attitude of Venetians towards the phenomenon of high water, and at the same time it will lead us to think about the attitude of Italians towards the phenomenon of flooding. Inauguration on June 6th at 7pm. The artist will also be present to meet visitors during the exhibition. Book your visit and we will explore the world of conceptual art together thanks to this installation. We are waiting for you in Andrés Mellado 55, Madrid.


“La Creación”

From May 22nd to June 3rd the artist ELISEO VICENTTI will exhibit his works from the "La Creación" series. A total immersion in the most rebellious abstraction and color that fills our dream world. Inauguration on the 23rd at 8pm. The artist will also be present to meet visitors during the two weeks of the exhibition. Book your visit and we will explore together the world of the imponderable that we carry inside. We are waiting for you in Andrés Mellado 55, Madrid.

Poetry Hub_IV evento_poster   .jpg

“Chatter between poets”

Alberto Blanco, Ernesto Pérez Zuñiga, Franco Campegiani and Nicola Manicardi will participate in the fourth meeting of POETRY HUB, our permanent festival of Italian and Hispanic poetry. For the event, Ernesto Pérez Zuñiga and Alberto Blanco (amongst the greatest Mexican poets) will be in the gallery. The meeting is open to the public. We look forward to see you on May 19th at 6.30 pm, Calle de Andrés Mellado 55.


“Nordic Vision”

From May 6th to May 19th, we will be hosting the work of the Swedish artist Ake Törnqvist. Form and color are disciplines that aim to find inner peace and translate into harmonious strations, symbol of the exploration of the dream world, and extend, through gestures of profound sweetness, into the hardness of marble and the chromaticism of the canvases. From there arises the poetics of the "form" stripped into a "non-form" that is freed in representations of the musical flow of events and of life itself, challenging the laws of reason to dance with the forces of the Cosmos.

Poetry Hub_III evento_poster  (1) (2) (1).jpg

“Chatter between poets”

During the third meeting of our Poetry Hub project, a permanent festival of Italian and Spanish poetry, we will present the poets Maria Alcantarilla, Matteo Chiavarone, Ivano Petrucci and Javier Vela. We look forward to see you on April 14th at 6.30pm.

junajo lacalle.jpg

“Juanjo Lacalle”

By incorporating material elements, Juanjo Lacalle manages to transfer an innovative language onto the canvas, imbued with textures of earth, minerals and materials of all sorts, which translates into works of undeniable visual and tactile impact, reminding us that art has its only limit its own mystery.

Poetry Hub_II evento_poster  (1).jpg

“Chatter between poets”

The second meeting of our permanent Italian-Spanish poetry festival will be held on March 24th 2023 at 6.30 pm, with Leopoldo Attolico, Andrés Ibañez, Rafael Muñoz Zayas and Patrizia Stefanelli. Presented by Claudio Fiorentini.

locandina 24 02 2023.jfif

“Valletta Contemporary
 Loona Contemporary”

Norbert Attard, one of the most important conceptual artists in Europe will be in Madrid to present his gallery Valletta Contemporary.  At the same time we will present our project Loona Contemporary. The purpose of the event is to consolidate a network of contemporary artists. We will finalize the event with a glass of wine in good company. See you in Andrés Mellado 55, february 24th at 6,30 PM.

LC PH.jpg

“Chatter between poets”

The project Poetry Hub begins its path with Adolfo García Ortega, Vincenza Fava, Mariano Peyrou and Marco G. Maggi. 

The event is presented by Ernesto Pérez Zuñiga and Claudio Fiorentini

Special guest, the actor Fabio Bussotti.

February 17th 2023, 6,30 PM


“Compartiendo Recuerdos”

From January 16th to January 20th, the cuban artist Regis Soler will be at the gallery hosting an open laboratory to which everybody can participate. The idea is to give new life to unusable objects initiating a "contrappunto" between bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional, transforming useless items in parts of the artwork.

You can participate from January 16th to January 20th, from 5pm to 8pm.

On January 21st we will close the laboratory with a drink together with the artist, at 11.30am.


Más allá de Oz

Julia Gallego

From November 26th to December 17th.

Opening on November 26th at 11.30am, Calle de Andres Mellado 55, Madrid.

maurizio d_andrea.jpeg


Individual exhibition of Maurizio D'andrea.

From April 22nd to April 29th 2022.

Opening on April 22nd at 11.30am,

Calles de Andres Mellado 55, Madrid

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